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Quality control of InkJet-inks

Measuring the surface tension is a simple quality control of InkJet-inks.

The dynamic surface tension is one of the most important parameters of inks because their characteristics such as the wetting ability, droplet size, depth of penetration, drying and spreading behaviour are essentially influenced by the surface tension. To guarantee a constant ink quality it is necessary to monitor the surface tension value continuously. So far, routine tests could only be realised with a high input of time and work due to inadequate static measuring methods and the low flexibility of tensiometers.

The SITA DynoTester+ measures the dynamic surface tension in a very comfortable and flexible way. By choosing the appropriate bubble lifetime, the dynamic surface tension of inks can be measured within a short time in order to draw a conclusion with regard to the ink quality.

The mobile hand-held Tensiometer works at the measuring accuracy of laboratory equipment. Thus, incoming and outgoing ink can be controlled promptly preventing time consuming laboratory measurements.

All functions of the SITA DynoTester+ are available directly by pressing the appropriate intuitive buttons without getting lost in endless device menus. The device is characterised by clear operating guidelines and a bubble lifetime pre-selection; thus, measuring errors due to a wrong device operation can be almost excluded.

Test results can be transferred to a computer using an USB-port to provide a longterm data saving or to compare test results with other samples. The SITA DynoTester+ ensures a fast and flexible receipt of important data for quality management and an efficiency-increase of future quality controls.


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