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R&D of Inkjet inks

The dynamic surface tension is an important measuring value in the sector of Research and Development of InkJet-inks.

Within the sector of Research and Development of InkJet-inks it is very important to realise comparable measurements of different ink formulations. The dynamic surface tension decisively influences different characteristics of inks such as the wetting ability, droplet size, depth of penetration, drying and spreading ability.


Inkjet inks have a short wetting time; therefore, it is common to use additives for reducing the surface tension as fast as possible. The above figure shows the importance of the dynamic surface tension for the optimisation of wetting characteristics. Very short wetting times require strong dynamics within a low bubble lifetime range and fast reduction of the surface tension (ink A). To reach the same surface tension value, ink B and C require considerably longer wetting times of. Static measurement methods such as the DuNoüy ring and the plate method are not suitable for this kind of examinations due to high cleaning expenditure.

Tensiometer of SITA Messtechnik GmbH are based on an innovative bubble pressure method and allow for easy as well as reliable measurements of high surfactant dynamics with optimal test results according to the field of application.

Measuring the dynamic surface tension in the R&D sector of the InkJet industry with the new Tensiometer SITA science line t100.

Due to the intuitive operation of the device measurements can be carried out fast and comfortably. Recurrent measuring and controlling tasks are stored in user-defined sequences (methods).

An adjustable bubble lifetime up tp 100 seconds allows for measurements of quasi-static surface tensions.

The new Software SITA-LabSolution is used for automated measurements and active ingredient analyses and in addition, offers a comfortable evaluation and report function.

SITA Tensiometer have a solid design and are easy to work with. In addition, the devices support new product developments and optimisations.


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