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R&D of paints and coatings

Measuring the dynamic surface tension of water-based paints and coatings.

Water-based paints and coatings contain additives in order to decrease their surface tension. Two main tasks have to be considered when spraying paint:

1. Wetting

An optimal wetting can only take place if the surface tension of the liquid paint is lower than the surface tension of the substrate while contacting. Spraying is a time critical wetting process; thus, it is important to pay attention to the choice of surfactants and especially to the surfactant's dynamics.

2. Surface and spreading defects

The surface tension of paint has to be reduced by using additives in order to improve the appearance of the coating film and to avoid defects on the surface. Furthermore, possible surface and spreading defects while drying (for example floating, pinholes, scratches) can be stemmed through the surface tension of paint. A precise co-ordination of the dynamic behaviour of the surface tension is very important for spray applications because the surface tension has to be reduced to the required level within a short time in order to achieve an optimal wetting.

Those required test results are received professionally within a short time by using innovative bubble pressure tensiometers of SITA Messtechnik GmbH.

The new Tensiometer SITA science line t100 can be used especially in the field of product development as well as formulation optimization in order to analyse the surface tension of paint from a highly dynamic (wetting when spraying) to a quasi-static range up tp 100 secods (beginning of drying).

Due to the intuitive operation of the device measurements can be carried out fast and comfortably. Recurrent measuring and controlling tasks are stored in user-defined sequences (methods).

The new Software SITA-LabSolution is used for automated measurements and active ingredient analyses and in addition, offers a comfortable evaluation and report function.

Due to the fact that SITA Tensiometer measure the temperature automatically, temperature-dependent effects can be analyzed very well. Therefore, it is possible to develop an individual formulation for every application in order to meet the customer requirements and to reduce the risk of wetting and spreading defects.


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