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Surfactants - Dynamic surface tension in R&D

Surfactants influence the dynamic behaviour of the surface tension.

The surface tension of surfactants shows different dynamic behaviour which does not only depend on the concentration and temperature but also on the surfactant type or mixture of surfactants. The surface tension of some surfactants decreases very fast at the beginning and subsequently more slowly depending on the surface age. In contrast, the decrease of the surface tension of other surfactants is more constant and almost linear.

The diagram shows different surface tension curves. The needed dynamic behavior of surfactants depends on the field of application. According to the diagram below, surfactants C and D are the best
choice for dynamic processes because they reduce the surface tension considerably right at the beginning. Surfactant A and B are recommended for non-dynamic tasks.

The mobile SITA Tensiometer measure the dynamic surface tension from a highly dynamic to a quasistatic range. Due to a constant measurement of the liquid's temperature it is possible to analyze temperature dependencies as well. Therefore, the surfactant can be adapted optimally to its field of application.

Measuring the surface tension enables the determination of the optimal surfactant dosage at a given temperature and at a certain surface age (surfactant dynamics).

Due to versatile qualitative as well as quantitative application possibilieties, SITA Tensiometer are not only used in research and development departments, but also ensure a constant monitoring of products in production and quality management.


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