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R&D of surfactants and surfactant containing products

The surface tension is the most important parameter for developing and optimizing surfactants and surfactant containing products.

Surfactants are used in many industrial sectors in order to effectively influence product performances. Consequently, the behaviour of those surfactants has to be examined and analyzed. The main characteristic of surfactants is their dynamic surface activity which means that surfactants diffuse to and
adsorb on to new developing surfaces and influence their surface tension. Due to the fact that the surface tension depends on the surfactant concentration, it can be determined and analyzed by measuring the surface tension.

Furthermore, the temperature of a liquid has an influence on the resulting surface tension as well. It is essential for many applications to know how fast the surfactants adsorp to newly build surfaces and how much the surface tension decreases after a short time. In addition, measuring the surface tension is used to analyse the critical micelle concentration (CMC) of a surfactant or surfactant mixture.

The mobile Tensiometer of SITA Messtechnik GmbH such as the new SITA science line t100, measure the dynamic surface tension of liquids very easy and reliable from a dynamic until a quasi- static range. The temperature, which influences the surface tension is determined as well.

Next to the automatic measurement of surface tension curves, it is also possible to easily analyze dependencies of temperature, surfactant concentration or other substances in liquids by a continuous measurement.

The received test results can be used to monitor data in concentration profiles showing their deviation of actual and target values.

By developing reference charts it is possible to determine and analyze unknown sample concentrations and to dose surfactants according to consumption. Therefore, SITA devices provide important information for product optimization and quality control.


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