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FAQ - SITA FoamTester

Why foam testing?

The SITA FoamTester makes it possible to realise an automatic measurement of the foam development and decay behaviour of liquids independent from subjective evaluation of the user.


To which measuring values can you compare the measuring values of the process instruments?

The SITA foam tester R-2000 is based on the rotor-method which was developed by Congnis Germany. A direct comparison of different foam development methods is not possible because those methods were developed for special applications and create foam with different mechanisms.


How is the device cleaned?

The cleaning process happens independently after every measurement with water. Therefore, it is necessary to possess a water supply.


Do I need a computer for measuring with the device?

Our foam testers work independently so that all measuring values and parameter can be read off and adjusted on the device.

The available windows-software allows

easy adjusting and controlling the device with the help of familiar windows elements,
comfortable advertisement, arrangement and printing of measuring values and
saving of data for further works.


Data export?

The measuring values can be exported and processed easily as a text or graphic file.



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