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+++ New in autumn 2019 +++

    Analysing foam parameters
    Controlling surfactant effects

    • Innovative optical measuring methods

    • Fully-automated foam analysis

    • Precise reproducible foaming

    • Measuring foam and liquid volume

    • Analysing foam structure

    • Recording drainage

      Easy testing and monitoring of the foaming characteristics of liquids

      - foaming behaviour, foam generation, foam decay -


      Easy handling:
      fully automated control of the test algorithm (measuring, cleaning and refilling),
      no training costs

      various settings for the test parameters

      PC interface,
      data processing with Windows-Software "SITA-foam"

      Product description

      The SITA foam tester R-2000 uses the worldwide proven testing procedure to test foaming characteristics of surfactant containing liquids. It is therefore exceptionally suitable for the body care and detergent industries. The fully automated testing procedure as well as the highly reproducible test results provide an optimal basis for use in Research and Development as well as for quality control.


      The SITA foam tester R-2000 offers:

      • fully automated control of the test algorithm (measuring, cleaning and refilling)
      • automatic tempering of the sample
      • automatic cleaning with tap water
      • various settings for the test parameters
      • PC-interface, convenient data processing with Windows-Software "SITA-foam"

        Functional sketch

        A Automatic sampling unit

        for repeated testing to obtain statistically assured test results.

        B Double walled sampling vessel

        allows exact adjustment of the sample temperature. This is done by controlling the thermostat using a temperature sensor inside the sample liquid.

        C Rotor for foam generation
        The patented rotor allows to adjust the air-intake into the sample liquid for reproducible foam generation. At the beginning of this test it is possible to thoroughly mix the sample without generating foam.
        D Sensor unit with needle detectors

        to precisely determine the foam volume by measuring the surface profile of the foam.

        The measurement of the foam height and therefore, the measurement of the foam volume is done by a patented sensor technology which can determine foam generation and foam decay. Situated at several positions, the needle detectors identify the "foam hill" enabling the device to calculate a surface profile.

        Thus, it is possible to precisely evaluate the foam volume.

        E Spray ring
        automatically cleans the foam tester.

        Foam testing procedures

        Testing foam means generating foam and measuring the resulting foam volume in steady intervals during foam generation and foam decay. The relevant environmental parameters, such as the sample temperature, need to be recorded and held constant during the whole measuring procedure. The accuracy of the foam testing procedure is determined by the repeatable generation of foam and by the resolution of the volume measuring system used.


        The Foam Testing System (FTS) makes the automated testing of foam possible. It features a foam generator for aqueous liquids which delivers highly repeatable results and an automated measuring system of the foam volume. Hence, the test result is not disturbed by subjective factors.


        The patented rotor of the R-2000 allows for adjustable air-intake into the sample liquid resulting in the repeatable production of foam. Mounted on the back side of the instrument is a sample liquid reserve which allows repeated testing of the sample to obtain statistically assured test results.

        The characterization of body care products:

        The R-2000 is ideal for researching foaming behavior or foam decay of surface active solutions (shampoo, shower gels, body lotion, hand soap etc). A direct comparison between different solutions enables the optimization of foam generation and decay. The foam tester R-2000 is not only suitable for R&D but also for quality control.


        The Characterization of Industrial Cleaning Products as well as Cleaning Products for Retail Customers:

          A cleaning product's foaming behavior often plays a big role for customers. A cleaner which foams well is considered more effective than a weak foaming cleaner. The SITA foam tester R-2000 offers customer oriented, scientific testing.

              In industrial cleaning it is common to use the weak foaming cleaners. Too much foam prevents effective wetting and thus, the cleaning process. Foam generation can be oppressed with expensive de-foamers. Scientific testing of foam properties enables optimal use of de-foamers.


                Quality assurance when using cooling lubricants:

                Foam might affect heat transport and splinter lift. Therefore, cooling lubricants should either foam weakly or not at all. Fluctuations within the production still require a weak foam generation and a fast foam decay. The R-2000 can be used to test the formulations of cooling lubricants as well as the effect of de-foamers regarding foam generation and foam decay.

                Technical data

                Foam volume
                in ml
                1 ml
                Sample volume 250 - 1500 ml
                Generating time
                10 - 600s
                1 s
                50 - 2000 rpm
                50 rpm
                Acceptable ambient temperature
                Operating temperature
                (10..40) °C
                Storage temperature
                (-20..80) °C
                Sample tempering
                Range 0 - 80°C
                Resolution 1 K
                Power connector
                Power supply 100..240V, 50..60Hz
                Max. Power Consumption 150 W
                Fuse slow 2.5 A
                Safety Rating IP 42
                Water connector
                ¾", (2..10)bar
                W x D x H (280x400x700) mm
                Weight ca. 18 kg


                The Windows-Software "SITA-foam"is a windows program for recording and visualizing measuring data of the SITA foam tester R-2000 and supports at the same time a comfortable operation of the device.

                Operating the foam tester
                Online recording as well as saving all measuring data
                Visualizing (graphs) and printing measuring data
                Convenient and fast creation of measuring reports

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