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Analysing foam parameters, Controlling surfactant effects

The new generation SITA FoamTester

20 years of experience meets the needs of innovative foam testing

The SITA FoamTester analyses the characteristics of surfactant-containing liquids easy, fast and precise with automated measuring sequences.


• Fully automated foam analysis

• Precise reproducible foaming

• Innovative optical measuring method

• Measuring foam and liquid volume

• Analysing foam structure

• Recording drainage

• Automated cleaning




(Foam) volume, foam structure

Foam characteristics
- Foam volume, gas volume, liquid volume within the foam
- Maximum foam volume, foaming potential
- Drainage half-life
- Average bubble size
- Distribution of bubble sizes
Fields of application
Optimising surfactant-containing liquids
Product development, raw material selection and development, quality and process control
Use Conducting individually generated and automated measuring routines for simple repetition and for screening the test parameters
Non contact determination of the total and foam volumen, high resolution and large scale image of the foam structure
Industry Cosmetics, cleaning agents, cooling lubricants, paints&coatings


SITA foam testing is characterised by a high degree of automation and repruducibility. The SITA FoamTester is used for analysing the foaming behaviour of surfactant-containing liquids in different numerous fields and applications:

Influence of the formulation and raw materials on foaming behaviour in the field of cosmetics

Testing the correlation between the resulting foam structure and user perception
Influence of contaminations on the foaming in cleaning baths
Testing the efficiency and duability of defoamers in cooling lubricants
Recipe optimisation to reduce foaming in bottle filling of beverages

Measuring principle

Foam creation

Step by step foaming with proven SITA rotor principle

Volume measurement

Non contact determination of the total volume with structured-light method

Determination of the volume of the remaining liquid by using the total internal reflection

Foam structure

High resolution display of the foam structure over the entire foam level using the total internal reflection

Technical data

Foam creation
Recommended sample volume (200 ... 500) ml
Usable measuring vessel volume

1,500 ml (incl. foam)

height 180 mm
diameter 110 mm

Capacity of sample reservoir
2,000 ml
Sample tempering of measuring vessel and sample reservoir
(0 ... 60) °C using a optional thermostat
Stirring speed (0 ... 2,000) U/min (bidirectional)
Adjustable stirring programs speed, duration, direction, acceleration
Analysis of foam volume (foam creation and decay)
Measurement values
total volume, foam volume, liquid volume
Evaluated parameters max. foam volume, foam half-life, flash foam
Measuring range total volume (0 ... 1,500) ml; resolution 1 ml
Measuring range liquid volume
(0 ... 500) ml; resolution 1 ml
Analysis of foam structure
Parameters number of bubbles, bubble size distribution, average bubble diameter, circularity index
Evaluation area height 130 mm
width 50 mm
Resolution 3,200 dpi
General data
Rinse connection 3/4“ (2 ... 6) bar
Operating temperature (10 ... 40) °C
Power supply (100 ... 240) V / (50 ... 60) Hz,
300 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) (770 x 450 x 305) mm
Weight approx. 35 kg
PC interface




The included PC-Software SITA-FoamLab enables the intuitive creation and evaluation of individually adjusted experiments.

Re-usable templates of saved test toutines
Display of essential measuring parameters

Automated calculation of essential foam characteristics

Adjustable layout of the graphs for individual documentation

Optional: External laboratory devices for sample conditioning

Extension of experiments by additional functions for sample conditioning

Automatic integration and direct control within the test sequence


Automatic dispenser CAT Contiburette μ10D


for the dosage of liquids

Resolution: 10 µl

Dosing speed: 0,2 - 20 ml/min

Thermostat Lauda ECO RE 415S


for cooling and heating of sample liquids

Temperature range: (-15...200) °C

Ambient temerature range: (5 ... 40) °C

Thermostat Lauda ECO E4S


for heating of sample liquids

Temperature range: (room temperature...200) °C

Ambient temerature range: (5 ... 40) °C

The market launch of the SITA FoamTester is supported within the scope of the German development programme "Market launch of innovative products and product design".

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