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+++ Product update und modification +++

Allroud Tensiometer for Analysis and Optimasation


The compact all-round tensiometer measures the dynamic surface tension in three different modes: Single, Auto and Online. This gives it all the functions for a wide range of measuring tasks such as the analysis of wetting behaviour, concentration control or determination of the influence of temperature.


• Concentration quickly controlled

• Fast and reliable for control tasks

• Measures a value at defined parameters



• Comfortable mode for R&D

• Automated scan of surfactant dynamics

• Characterisation of wetting behaviour



• Automatic continuous measurement over a period of time

• Continuous process monitoring

• Analysis of temperature influence



Surface tension in mN/m

Fields of application

Analysis of the wetting behaviour of surfactants or surfactant-containing products

Control of surfactant concentration

Investigation of temperature dependence for cloud point analysis


3 Modes: SINGLE (one-point measurement), AUTO (automated scan), ONLINE (continuous measurement)

Robust housing and optional acid protection

Easy rinsing and calibration with water


Capillaries for process use made of PEEK, PTFE or glass

Independent of immersion depth due to differential pressure method

Independent control of the parameter bubble lifetime

Measurement monitoring

Water (DI) as calibration standard


Industrial parts cleaning, electroplating, paints & lacquers, inkjet inks and many more


SITA tensiometers have been in use for over 25 years for these applications, among others:

Control of surface tension and surfactant concentration in industrial parts cleaning
Monitoring of the wetting agent concentration in galvanic coating and etching processes
Quality inspection of ink-jet inks as well as paints and varnishes
Measuring surface tension on the line or in the laboratory

Product development for cleaning, electroplating, inks, paints, etc.

Analysis of the temperature behaviour of process chemicals

SITA application consulting develops measurement methods and control procedures for individual use in close consultation. This includes free trial measurements, characteristic curves, rental positions and consultations remotely or on site.

More application examples here

Measuring principle

Like all SITA Tensiometer, the SITA pro line t15+ is based on the bubble pressure method for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids.

Therefore, as it can be seen in the picture, an air stream is lead through a capillary into the process liquid and the pressure development for the bubble generation is measured. (read more ...)

Technical data

Surface tension
Measuring range (10...100) mN/m (dyn/cm)
Resolution 0.1 mN/m (dyn/cm)
Bubble lifetime
Adjustable range 15...30,000 ms
Resolution 1 ms
Control deviation
adjustable, 1 to 10%
Measuring deviation
max. 1ms
Sample temperature
Measuring range (0...100) °C
Resolution 0.1 K
Measuring range, unit User defined
Power supply
USB power supply 100...240 V / 5V
Li-Ion battery

3.6 V / 2,000 mAh, min. 10h operating time

Max. power consumption
2.5 W
General data
USB-Interface Data transfer and device operation
Display LCD, illuminated
Measuring methods
50 each for auto, online, single
up to 1,000 memory spaces per measuring method

Acceptable ambient temp.


(-20...50) °C / (10...40) °C
Measuring gas Ambient air
Dimensions (HxWxD) 168x75x35 in mm
Weight 270 g


Laboratory automation with the Windows-Software SITA LabSolution

Automation of laboratory measurements with a wide range of accessories for analysing active ingredients
Intuitive operation ensures efficient preparation of experiments and
evaluation of measuring results
Easy access to all functions of the tensiometer
Report function for creating measurement protocols and reports

Controlling a wide range of accessories

Burette (fluid dosing unit)



Magnetic stirrer, (heating) stirrer




easy manual cleaning for paints and varnishes


for monitoring process liquids

Type III Glass

for agressive liquids

Disposal capillaries PTFE

for special cases

Device protection

Acid protection kit

PE jacket for sensor head or device, borosilicate glass protection for temperature probe, glass cover

Sample handling

Sample vessels 50 ml

Mini sample vessels - 5 ml

for measuring very small sample volumes

Double walled glass vessel

for use with thermal liquid circulator (thermostat) including special cover and insulation

Laboratory devices

Heating plate with magnetic stirrer and stand for SITA pro line t15


Scope of delivery

• Measuring device SITA pro line t15+

• Robust suitcase

• 2 Capillaries PEEK type II or others depending on application

• Power supply

• USB-cable

• Stand

• Device holder

• 2 Sample vessels 50 ml

• Manual

• Calibration certificate


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